So what defines a brand with purpose?

For over 25 years we’ve worked with some of the UK’s most recognisable brands, including British Airways, London 2012, Royal Ascot and the British Library. We pride ourselves on developing solutions that are both thoughtful and innovative; considered and creative.

Looking at the purpose behind your brand

A brand is the sum total of people’s associations with your business – what they think and feel about you from every touchpoint you offer. Building a brand is about managing those associations – amplifying the ones you want, mitigating the ones you don’t, and thereby securing a particular position in the mind of your audience.

For us, building a brand with purpose means paying particular attention to the intention – the heart – behind those associations. What really drives your business? What do you bring that in some way benefits our world? That, in short, is what brand purpose means.

Why make such a fuss about purpose? Because understanding and articulating your purpose allows you to speak to your audience at a deeper level, which in turn helps your brand build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.


From high-level brand strategy that looks at the building blocks of brand (positioning, personality, essence and architecture) right the way through to the creation of a visual identity with a logo, typeface, colour palette, the works – we have it covered.

Messaging & Copywriting

Your choice of words matter. How will you present your offering? How will you speak into your customer’s needs? How will you capture your personality and tone of voice? Let us help you with your messaging platform, your tone of voice, and your external-facing copy.

Comms Campaigns

Whether it’s a campaign to launch a product, a strategy to push out a new offering, or a programme to pull in new leads, we’ll work with you to formulate a plan, give it our creative treatment and implement it within the most effective channels.


We are here to help you make the most of digital – that might be designing and developing corporate websites, intranets, e-commerce sites, apps, digital advertising, email marketing, or social media.