What we're about & what we do

We are a brand and people agency who help organisations build their brands and grow their people so they can leave a positive mark on their world.

For over 40 years we’ve worked with some of the UK’s most deserving brands, including Lord’s Cricket Ground, London 2012, Academies Enterprise Trust and the British Library. We pride ourselves on developing solutions that are thoughtful and innovative; considered and creative.

But above all, we believe in putting our energies to use for organisations who stand for something ; who believe in more than simply the bottom line; who see the world the way we do.

We call this approach ‘building brands with purpose’.

We deliver this promise through our two service streams – Brand and People:


We eat, sleep and breathe brand. We always start with the core foundations (positioning, personality, and architecture) before delving into the creative stuff (visual identity, tone of voice) – with the icing on the cake the creation of fantastic new materials (websites, brochures, event stands, etc).

This part of our business includes:

Brand Development

The core of what we do – looking at your business challenges, getting under the skin of what makes your organisation tick, and looking to apply those insights to a refreshed, enhanced or newly-created brand.

Comms Campaigns

Whether it’s a campaign to launch a product, a campaign to raise awareness of a new offering, or a programme to pull in new leads, we’ll work with you to formulate a plan, give it our creative treatment and bring it to life through the best materials.

Employer Brand

Too often organisations focus on the brand that faces the wider world – whilst neglecting to serve those on the inside. We work closely with senior leaders and HR teams to develop the employer brand – from employee value proposition (EVP) through to engaging internal comms campaigns and materials.


We believe that brands are inseparable from the people who represent them. The leaders, the staff, the volunteers – they are the ones who ultimately determine whether a brand ‘lands’ with the customers and wider public.

With this belief in mind, we offer the following:

‘Heartbeat’ Development

Vision. Mission. Values. Culture. These core components are the heartbeat of an organisation – they set the tone, the aspiration, the bigger picture. We work closely with senior management to help them identify their organisational heartbeat and communicate it in a compelling way, focusing and inspiring those on the inside.

Behavioural Change Programme

We partner with Heartstyles, a global programme designed to help employees shift their behaviour and become their better selves. Our experience is that Heartstyles can unlock the traps that many organisations find themselves in, cultivating the right behaviours and culture that will allow them to thrive.

People Development

For organisations looking to inject some creativity and challenge into their people development pathways, we work closely with both senior leaders and HR to develop programmes – or activities that support existing programmes – focused on helping individuals live out the vision and values of the organisation.