So what defines a brand with purpose?

Well let’s maybe start out by saying what doesn’t. Brands have been all too guilty of developing meaningless mission statements and visions which are really just twaddle. It may make the C-suite crew feel awesome but it leaves those of us on the receiving end of it, when it’s been developed into comms either as employee or customer, totally turned off.

To us a purposeful brand is something much more grounded in reality and honesty. It’s a brand which is clear on what its products or services deliver to the market. It knows its place in the world and is keen to make a positive contribution of some sort, that said if what it offers isn’t world-changing then it makes no claim to that effect. It talks to its customers in meaningful and engaging ways and respects its position in their lives. It also, really importantly, knows how to talk to its employees in a way which isn’t toe curlingly awful and backs up that talk by treating them in the right way.

In our game we encounter brands at different stages of working out their purpose. Some have their purpose nailed and just need help bringing it to life via internal comms and behavioural development programmes, and some need to make it shine externally. Others want our help to start from scratch, to do the insight work to find out what they’re really all about and then take it through internally and externally.

Whatever stage we come in at we like to work with brands that have a desire to recover their purpose (if they’ve lost sight of it), discover it (if they’ve never previously considered it) and then communicate it (with creativity deserving of it).

As a brand and comms agency, this is what we’re about. And below are the main areas of the work we deliver.


From high-level brand strategy that looks at the building blocks of brand (positioning, personality, essence and architecture) right the way through to the creation of a visual identity with a logo, typeface, colour palette, the works.

Employer branding

Brands don’t just face outwards, they face inwards too. We work alongside Comms and HR teams to devise strategies to develop their employer brand. From crafting employee value propositions to executing effective recruitment and retention campaigns we build brand strength from the inside.


Campaigns to launch a product, or to shift a perception, to push out a new offering, or to pull in new leads. Long-term or short bursts, we’ll work with you to devise a strategy, give it some compelling creative treatment and then implement it within the most effective media.


We are here to help you make the most of digital – that might be designing and developing corporate websites, intranets, e-commerce sites, apps, digital advertising, email marketing, or social media.