World Biogas Expo & Summit

An event brand for tomorrow's world

We are living in a sustainable world (or at least we’ll need to be, if we are to preserve the world for generations to come).

It’s a position our friends at World Biogas Association (WBA) have been consistently advocating, and one which increasingly receives a warm response from the world of business (as they catch-up to where consumers are already heading).

When WBA gave us a call – following a successful rebrand of the renewable energy membership body – it was once again to tackle the challenge of a brand that felt outdated and potentially irrelevant. This time it was the event brand that was in trouble.

A brand that’s going places

The UK AD & World Biogas Expo is the largest international trade show dedicated to the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas. Hosted at the NEC, it has established itself as the annual gathering for industry bods from across the globe who gather for three days of workshops, seminars, exhibitions & demonstrations, and networking.

The problem? The event brand – and related communications – smacked of the ‘old day’, where the renewable energy world was considered unprofessional and parochial. It needed to capture the ‘new day’, reflecting an industry that is growing in confidence and maturity.

As Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive of WBA, put it: “We need to capture some of the excitement around our industry. We need a bit of ‘wow factor’.”

It was time for us to get to work…

Getting the strategy right

From the outset it was clear there was a strategic puzzle to solve before things got creative. The event organisers wanted to attract more consultants, researchers and thought leaders to the event – but were understandably concerned the Expo brand would always struggle to appeal to them (as well as the more ‘nuts and bolts’ exhibitors who were the mainstay of the event).

To solve the problem, we agreed it made sense to split the brand – and subsequently the event – into the following brands:

The Expo
For industry ‘producers’ (manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, etc)

The Summit
For ‘thinkers’ within the industry and considering renewable energy more broadly

The Awards
The invite-only ‘do’ featuring food, drink and annual industry awards

Bringing structure and diversity together

The creative challenge before us was to develop a visual identity system for three distinct events that was structured in a way the events would be understood as being part of the same ‘family’, whilst at the same time capturing the energy and diversity of the fast-evolving AD & Biogas industry.

By combining (i) a striking, confident font; (ii) a distinctive colour gradient; and (iii) a subtle folding device, we created the building blocks of the new visual identity system – fleshed out initially through logo marques for each event and then through digital, print and environmental assets.

Getting the word out

The final piece of the puzzle was for us to advise the marketing and sales teams behind the event on how best to ensure the right event brand was put before the right target audience – and that the website clearly captured the connection between the three events.

The result? Following a few years drop-off in numbers, the combination of a fresh brand and revamped approach to marketing the multi-event gathering saw an uptick in both exhibitors and visitors.

What’s more, we have continued to act as a trusted partner to our friends at WBA on other, exciting developments taking place within their industry – exploring how we might help businesses and consumers alike do more to care for our world.