Brand and the pale blue dot

In 1990 astronomer and cosmologist Carl Sagan was working with NASA on the voyager space programme. The Voyager 1 spacecraft had travelled about 6 billion kilometres from earth and, having completed its primary mission, was on a one-way trip out of the solar system. Keen to get one last image from the mission, Sagan urged NASA to command the automated vessel to turn around and photograph Earth.

The result is a grainy, barely visible pixelated image of our great planet. With so many high-resolution images of the earth at our disposal, the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ image (as Sagan coined it), seems at first glance scientifically pointless.

But it’s the very nature of Earth’s insignificance that makes ‘the pale blue dot’ interesting. This is our homeworld as if seen through the eyes of a visitor. Our sprawling oceans, great rainforests and expansive cities are invisible. The feats of mankind and the beauty of nature are intangible amongst the smattering of pixels that make up the planet we inhabit.

Just like the Voyager 1 looking back from the edge of our solar system, it’s stepping away from what we do day to day that helps us to see the bigger picture on brand. Great entrepreneurs understand that good branding is about taking what you’re passionate about, and packaging it in a way that draws casual visitors in.

Because at the end of the day we’re all just pale blue dots waiting to be discovered.